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The Exclusive Fitness Personal Trainer is not like any other trainer you will come across when searching the web or taking a visit to your local global gym or sports centre. They represent the values of the Exclusive Fitness philosophy. Their passion for what they do takes the dedication aspect to exceptional new levels. The ethics of Exclusive Fitness coincide with the exclusivity of the trainers who are required to epitomise the deep-rooted passion and devotion to health and fitness. Personal Trainers are qualified to the highest standards by the Industries most knowledgeable, experienced and most respected, through the UK’s most renowned and recognised training providers.

Howard Foster, Advanced Personal Trainer

Howard Foster

Advanced Personal Trainer

Howard has over 20 years experience of adventure travel across 34 countries. Leading treks in Nepal, China and Africa, cycling through New Zealand and Peru, teaching watersports in Europe and most recently working with the governments of Fiji and Papua New Guinea to set up marine protected areas for endangered cetaceans.  

Having successfully led dozens of charity challenges all over the world, he knows what it takes to motivate Exclusive Fitness clients to achieve their health & fitness goals. Howard believes that age is no barrier to an active lifestyle and at 49yrs of age has just taken up flying trapeze.

Howard combines innovative methods with science-based nutritional advice to make you leaner, stronger and more confident. 

Thomas Forrest, Personal Trainer

Thomas Forrest

Personal Trainer

As a competitive powerlifter, Tom knows exactly what it’s like to train hard to achieve personal goals and he applies this to each client he works with. He has twice won Silver in the All England Powerlifting Championships and became the Southeast Powerlifting Champion. Renowned for the intensity of his training sessions, Tom requires total commitment from his clients so that together, you will get where you want to be.

He has a specialist qualification to help clients suffering from lower back pain and can transfer this skill for most day to day mobility issues / aches and pains. Tom began Personal Training in London in 2013, then followed 17 months based at a private fitness studio in Jersey, gaining a reputation for getting results for all of his clients. Now based in Canterbury, he is keeping his history of client transformations going strong at Exclusive Fitness.

Whatever you wish to achieve, whether a complete beginner to exercise or an experienced athlete looking to improve performance, Tom will be your guide and your biggest supporter.

Rob Vassie, Personal Trainer

Rob Vassie

Personal Trainer

Having played Basketball at Regional and National levels, Rob is accustomed to dedicating time and effort into nutrition and the training required in order to deliver high performance. He was mentored by Olympic registered strength & conditioning coach, Steve Green. This gave Rob a wealth of experience of fitness, health and lifestyle management.

Rob has been working within the fitness industry for the last seven years and qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2012. He employs simple, scientific principles and innovation to create successful bespoke programmes for each of his clients. Rob believes that our bodies offer us much more than just movement: It is is your vehicle, your manifesto and your message.

Treating your body with the respect it deserves will deliver huge improvements to your quality of life.