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Building quality muscle requires a huge amount of dedication, hard work, planning and commitment. People underestimate just how difficult it is to make substantial muscle gains. Sure you can eat like a horse and lift heavy weights all day long, but are the calories you're feeding your body clean and nutrient rich? As this could be the difference between adding pounds of muscle or pounds of fat! When it comes to your training, using the dated "super heavy/low reps" principle is not usually going to be the most efficient way to build quality, lean and conditioned muscle mass!

There are 3 main factors that all need 100% when it comes to building muscle. Consistency, training and nutrition. These are the cemented values of Exclusive fitness. The human body adapts to new stresses very quickly and will soon get accustomed to training regimes you put it though. This is when it plateaus and the program fails to simulate and damage the muscle fibres. You want to avoid this like the plague!

At Exclusive Fitness our trainers are highly trained in various training techniques and will use proven training systems to ensure maximal muscle hypertrophy.

The factor that must most people neglect or fail to understand is nutrition and supplementation. You hear plenty of trainers saying "training is 30% and diet is 70%". At Exclusive Fitness we will be straight with you... Both need 100% of your effort if you want to see some real physical changes in your appearance. We will not use fad diets or include current eating trends in our plans. Our aim is to educate you enabling you to make the correct food choices as well as understanding the importance and role of the macro-nutrients and food selections. The muscle builder plans we provide will contain plenty of food in the form of clean and healthy natural and un-processed carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

We will advise and educate you on supplements based on the individual and devise your plan from in depth analysis, questionnaires, and body type. As with any fitness goal, consistency is of exceptional importance when it comes to achieving them. Far too many people expect to like Arnold Schwarzenegger within 6 weeks; muscle growth takes a lot of hard work, hours in the kitchen and gym and constantly striving to keep the body in an anabolic state.

Muscles respond to time under tension not just the resistance. Muscle tissue is more complex than to simply perform 5 sets of 6 reps with a heavy weight. There are slow and fast twitch muscle fibres and intermediate ones that can adopt the characteristics of either depending on the type of training. Everyone has a different genetic makeup and that is why at Exclusive Fitness we will tailor our plans to the individual to ensure the plans deliver maximal and accelerated gains. The Exclusive Fitness muscle building protocols will ensure stimulation of type 1, 2a and 2b muscle fibres and as result you will see gains that you never thought you could achieve.

What does this program Involve?

Pre Activity Questionnaires

-Health Screening

-Training History

-Injuries and weaknesses


-Body Type

-Habits, Sleep Patterns and Activity Level

-Meal Regularities and Eating Habits

Food Diary

-Bad Habits and cravings

-Food Timing

-Portions and macro/micro nutrients

-Consistency and Regularity

-Fluid Intake and Hydration Levels


-Before Photographs

-Progress Photographs

-Documented Development and comparisons.

raining / Sessions and Workouts

-Proven Training Principles

-PT Designed workouts to do out of the studio

-Variety of proven systems used

-Key Form and Technique tips

-Multi Range of Motion and Repetition Tempo for varied time under tension

-Diverse twitch fibre training

-Stretching (PNF, PIR, Static, Dynamic)

Body Composition Analysis

-Measurements and Body Type

-Body Fat Calipers / Skinfold

-Bio Electrical Impendance

-Fat deposit sites


-Food Diary

-Meal Planning

-Full nutritional plans

-Macronutrient variables

-Food Education

-Supplementation including advice, planning and timing


-Full progress monitoring

-Strength / Endurance increases

-Body Composition

-Track of Lean Muscle increase and Body Fat reduction

-Photography showing definition, size and condition and Measurements showing inch loss