Services // Fat Loss

If you're thinking about working with a Personal Trainer you're probably trying to lose body fat. Fat loss goals constitute the majority of our focus at Exclusive Fitness. 

A lot of people attempt to lose fat (weight) after following poor advice. Relying on cardiovascular exercise and a low-fat diet will not guarantee sustainable fat loss. You will almost definitely lose weight by running around and starving yourself, but the weight you lose will be as a result of burning your muscles for energy. The end result? Despite being 'slimmer', you will be weaker and more lethargic than ever.

At Exclusive Fitness we introduce healthy and enjoyable eating strategies and lifestyle changes to ensure that your body is accelerated into a fat burning state so you become leaner, stronger and fitter, no matter what age you are. Exercise and nutritional research is constantly evolving and our Trainers evolve with it to employ techniques that are tailored to your individual needs. Most Personal Trainers working in large commercial gyms are still using outdated techniques which are not going to give you the results you want. Doing 20-30 repetitions with feeble little dumbbells might improve your muscular endurance, but it won't burn fat or give you an attractive, athletic physique.  

Exclusive Fitness Personal Trainers will make you lift HEAVY weights to stimulate your muscles, resulting in the development of lean tissue and a higher resting metabolic rate. Your workout will mainly consist of resistance exercises because it will make you leaner, stronger and more confident, as well as being the most effective way to lose body fat. Our training methods and our nutritional recommendations are derived from SCIENCE and science tells us that the more lean muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate and the more efficiently you burn fat for energy!

Female Fat Loss

"Its easier for you, you're a man"...Heard this statement before? Well it's true, yes you heard correct! Unfortunately ladies there is one huge factor which changes everything when it come to fat loss...Estrogen! Do you find that no matter how strict you are with your diet, your training and consistency you still cannot shift that lower body fat? This is actually quite common for women and it can be very frustrating for, clothes are getting looser, arms are getting slimmer and you are feeling great but that lower body fat just won't budge! For females, the thighs, bum and legs have large numbers of estrogen receptors which bind with estrogens. Over time when poor lifestyle and dietary choices have been made there is an increase of of Estradiol, the fat storing form of Estrogen. This inbalance can encourage fat storage in the lower body. But don't sweat ladies, this is merely a small obstacle and sometimes we just have to dig a bit deeper in an attempt to balance hormones and accelerate that fat burning to ensure you get the body you want.

Pre Activity Questionnaires

-Health Screening
-Training History
-Injuries and weaknesses
-Body Type
-Habits, Sleep Patterns and Activity Level
-Meal Regularities and Eating Habits

Food Diary

-Bad Habits and cravings
-Food Timing
-Portions and macro/micro nutrients
-Consistency and Regularity
-Fluid Intake and Hydration Levels

Body Composition Analysis

-Measurements and Body Type
-Body Fat Calipers / Skinfold
-Bio Electrical Impendance
-Fat deposit sites


-Before Photographs
-Progress Photographs
-Documented Development and comparisons.

Training / Sessions and Workouts

-Varied programs designed to high standards of
Exclusive Fitness
-PT Designed workouts to do outside of the studio
-Circuit Training, HIIT, Peripheral Heart Action
-Fat Loss secrets and techniques
-Whole Body Compound training
-Core and Abdominal training
-Stretching and flexibility (PNF, PIR, Progressive,
Static, Dynamic)


-Food Diary
-Meal Planning
-Full nutritional plans
-Macronutrient variables
-Food Education
-Personalised Supplementation including advice, planning and timing


-Full progress monitoring
-Strength / Endurance increases
-Recovery Rate and Cardiovascular progress
-Body Composition
-Photography showing definition and condition and Measurements showing inch loss