Services // Bridal Package

If you are a bride to be and your big day is fast approaching then this is the package for you. Carefully designed by the trainers at Exclusive Fitness to help you get ready for the biggest day of your life, this is a fast track way to make sure that you look as amazing as possible. After having so many bride to be’s coming to us and asking for our help we decided that we could go one better and design an 8 week program especially for those of you that want an extra helping hand getting ready for your wedding.

The package has been constructed using our expert knowledge and various skills and techniques we have developed over the years. A lot of people struggle to know what the right thing to do to burn fat is and with the added pressure of organising a wedding and lack off time, we felt that by leaving it to us it could take the pressure off a little bit.  Although it will still take a lot of hard work on your part, all the planning and worrying about the right diet and training program is for us to organise.

The program consists of an initial consultation which is where we can analyse you and your wants and needs. Then from there a bespoke package is created to fit in around your schedule along with a diet plan catered to your particular goals. A weekly massage which is specifically designed to help keep your stress levels down is included in the package not to mention a free hair up trial at top salon, The Vatican in Canterbury.

What does the Exclusive Fitness Bridal Package entail?

Pre Activity Questionnaires

-Health Screening
-Training History
-Injuries and weaknesses
-Body Type
-Habits, Sleep Patterns and Activity Level
-Meal Regularities and Eating Habits

Food Diary

-Bad Habits and cravings
-Food Timing
-Consistency and Regularity
-Fluid Intake and Hydration Levels

Body Composition Analysis

-Body Fat Calipers / Skinfold


-Before Photographs
-Progress Photographs
-Documented Development and comparisons.

Training / Sessions and Workouts

-Varied programs designed to high standards of Exclusive Fitness
-PT Designed workouts to do outside of the studio
-Fat Loss secrets and techniques


-Food Diary
-Meal Planning
-Full nutritional plans
-Macronutrient variables


-Full progress monitoring
-Recovery Rate and Cardiovascular progress
-Body Composition

Stress Management

-Weekly 30 min massage
-Stretching and breathing exercises